Frontier County Fairgrounds Installing New Grandstands

The Frontier County Fairgrounds is currently in the progrss of replacing their grandstand in Stockville. The grandstand was originally built in 1975 many locals participated in building and painting. They will now be replaced with aluminum, which will increase their life spand for quite awhile. The Frontier County workers are currently in the progress of tearing them down. “Anyone who would like too volunteer their time during the work week are welcome to help out.” said Regina Andrijeski. They are looking too have them finished by July 1st, just in time for the annual firework show. CBS Constructors out of McCook will be doing the new grandstands. Photo by Amber Hickert

Maywood and Hayes Center Boards Vote 6-0 for Five Year Athletic Co-op

The Maywood School Board held their regular board meeting Monday, April 13, where they voted 6-0 to enter into a cooperative sponsorship with Hayes Center. The deadline for the agreement to be turned into the State to enter this co-op is June 1st. The Hayes Center School Board also held their meeting April 13 to vote on the Co-op. Hayes Center School Board voted 6-0. The co-op with Maywood and Hayes Center will begin this fall of 2015. Since the co-op is in agreement with both schools, they will now have to decide on a school mascot, get uniforms ordered and let other schools know about the co-op. ‘We already have some mascots in mind, Hayes Center is going to also get some ideas together, and we are going to let the kids vote on it. The kids are the ones that are involved and it will be fun for them to have a say in what they will be,” said Trent Benjamin, Principal of Maywood Schools.

The cooperative agreement is a five year agreement between the two schools, even though The State of Nebraska requires a minimum of two years. Home games will be split up as even as possible, Maywood will travel to Hayes Center once every two weeks for practice. Hayes Center will travel to Maywood the rest of the days where the majority of practices will be held, excluding Mondays. Mondays will be the day that both teams will stay home and practice. Practices will begin at 4:30, giving students some study time before the other school arrives.

“I feel it is a mutual benefit for both schools” stated school board member Doug Snyder.

The board meeting had an attendance of 40 plus people. The meeting opened with public comments, where only two patrons spoke. Patrons Russ Gerlach and Lisa Moore expressed that they support whatever decision that the school board will make. The meeting then went onto approving the minutes from the previous meeting. The financial report was also discussed and approved to pay bills. Administrative reports were given by Trent Benjamin. The Board also discussed the roles that Benjamin and Williams will have until the end of the school year. The board wanted to get things cleared up, as it was a bit cloudy on who does what. The board had also apologized for putting Benjamin and Williams in this position, with Williams’ resignation and Benjamin transitioning into Superintendent for the 2015-16 school year.

Bids were given for the carpeting project and approved to finish the rooms that were needed. They had approved the bid for the new lockers that will be purchased and will be placed and put together by the Maywood shop teacher. They also approved the purchase of a heavy duty vacuum for the shop room to help eliminate some of the saw dust. They also discussed on purchasing a new floor cleaner to use in the gym and elementary.

The meeting was adjourned after the voting for a cooperative sponsorship with Hayes Center for 9-12 sports. Maywood will hold their next monthly meeting on May 11, 2015.

Maywood Discusses Athletic Co-op with Hayes Center for High School Sports

The Maywood School Board held a special meeting on Monday, March 30th to give a presentation about the cooperation of sports of grades 9-12 with Hayes Center. The community was also invited to voice their opinions about the possible co-op.

Trent Benjamin, principal of Maywood High School gave the presentation of the proposal. “The goal for the cooperative is to sign a five year agreement between the two schools” said Benjamin. The State of Nebraska requires a minimum of two years on an athletic co-op. If the co-op were to happen, home games would be split as even as possible, Maywood would travel to Hayes Center for practices once every two weeks. Hayes Center would travel to Maywood where practices will be held. Practices would start at 4:30. Both Maywood and Hayes Center would have two coaches to help with the coaching staff. The schools would also have to decide on a new mascot, colors, and team name. The deadline for the agreement to be turned into the state is June 1st.

Thirty five patrons attended the meeting. The biggest concerns for the parents were the road conditions between Hayes Center and Maywood. The travel would be a thirty minute plus ride on gravel roads that are known to be treturaus in bad weather conditions. It was made clear by Benjamin that there would be no traveling to Hayes Center if the weather was bad. The schools would stay home and practice for that day.

There was also a discussion from patrons requesting the Maywood School Board to contact the Medicine Valley School Board for cooperation of sports. Questions arose regarding the last time Maywood and Medicine Valley had discussed cooperating sports. The Maywood School Board explained that it had been about two years ago. ‘Seven miles of pavement’ was said several times by a few Maywood patrons when talking about logistics between Maywood and Curtis and Maywood and Hayes Center.

Some patrons also expressed that they would like to see Maywood and Medicine Valley do a full cooperation, including academics.

Hayes Center held a special meeting with their patrons the following night, March 31st.

Maywood will hold their next regular meeting Monday, April 13th, where they will discuss more on the cooperation with Hayes Center. Public comments will be allowed.

Curtis Man Facing Charges of Sexual Assault/Child Abuse

Shawn Standiford age 36 of Curtis, was arrested for sexual assault of a child, following a warrant that was issued out of Frontier County Court on March 30th, 2015. Standiford had turned himself in the same day that the warrant was issued. He is facing three felonies.

According to the Frontier County Sheriff’s Department, the warrant was issued after an incident was reported to the Frontier County Sheriff’s Office on February 20, 2015. The alleged incident had taken place the night before, February 19th, at a residence in Curtis and was reported to the Sheriff’s Office through The Child Abuse Hotline.

Bond for Standiford was set at $50,000. He bonded out of Jail on April 2 and appeared April 3 in the Frontier County Court where he had asked for a bond reduction, which was denied by Judge Turnbull.

The Charges Standiford is facing are Count I: sexual assault of a child in the third degree, class IIIA Felony (did then and there subject, a person fourteen years of age or younger at the time of the act, to sexual contact when the defendant was nineteen years of age or older). Count II: sexual assault of a child in the third degree, class IIIA Felony. Count III: Child Abuse, class IIIA Felony (did knowingly, intentionally, cause or permit a minor child to be placed in a situation that endangered his/her life or physical or mental health or to be cruelly confined or cruelly punished or to be deprived of necessary food, clothing, shelter, or care or to be placed in a situation to be sexually exploited by allowing, encouraging or forcing such minor child to engage in prostitution, debauchery, public indecency or obscene or pornographic photography, films, or depictions or placed in a situation to be sexually abused.

The investigation is ongoing and involves the Sheriff’s Office, County Attorney’s Office, Health and Human Services, and The Attorney General’s Office. Standiford will next appear in the Frontier County Court on May 1st for an arraignment and preliminary.

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