NCTA in Curtis Named as One of the Top 150 2-Year Colleges in the Country

Washington, DC, January 29, 2016 –Highlighting the critical importance of improving student success in America’s community colleges, the Aspen Institute College Excellence Program named the Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture at Curtis, Neb., as one of the nation’s top 150 colleges eligible to compete for the 2017 Aspen Prize for Community College Excellence and $1 million dollars in prize funds, as well as Siemens Technical Scholars Program student scholarships.

The Prize, awarded every two years, is the nation’s signature recognition of high achievement and performance among America’s 2-year colleges and recognizes institutions for exceptional student outcomes in four areas: student learning, certificate and degree completion, employment and earnings, and access and success for minority and low-income students.

Nearly half of America’s college students attend community college, with more than seven million students – youth and adult learners – working towards certificates and degrees in these institutions across the country.

“Two-year and community colleges have tremendous power to change lives, and their success will increasingly define our nation’s economic strength and the potential for social mobility in our country,” said Josh Wyner, executive director of the Aspen Institute College Excellence Program. “This competition is designed to spotlight the excellent work being done in the most effective community colleges, those that best help students obtain meaningful, high-quality education and training for competitive-wage jobs after college. We hope it will raise the bar and provide a roadmap to better student outcomes for community colleges nationwide.”

A full list of the selected colleges and details on the selection process are available at

Scholarship Opportunities

For the first time, the 150 Prize-eligible institutions are also invited to nominate exceptional students enrolled in their best middle-skill STEM programs for scholarships. Up to 50 Siemens Technical Scholars will be selected from programs that provide outstanding preparation for high-demand jobs in manufacturing, energy, health care, and information technology. A partnership between the Siemens Foundation and the Aspen Institute, the Siemens Technical Scholars Program intends to help our nation’s community colleges and their business partners bridge the gap between projected shortages of skilled workers and the millions of high-demand jobs in these STEM industries. Scholarship winners and the programs that deliver rigorous training enabling their success will be announced in fall 2016. For more information and to view video profiles of 2015 Siemens Technical Scholars, go to:

The Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture and 149 other colleges announced on Jan. 26th were selected from a national pool of over 1,000 public 2-year colleges using publicly available data on student outcomes in three areas:

„h Performance (retention, graduation rates including transfers, and degrees and certificates per 100 full-time equivalent students)

Improvement (awarded for steady improvement in each performance metric over time)

Equity (evidence of strong completion outcomes for minority and low-income students)

The Nebraska College

of Technical Agriculture

has been invited to submit

an application to the Aspen

Prize for Community College

Excellence containing detailed

data on degree and certificate

completion (including progress

and transfer rates), labor market

outcomes (employment and

earnings), and student learning


Ten finalists will be named

in fall 2016. The Aspen Institute

will then conduct site visits to

each of the finalists and collect

additional quantitative data. A

distinguished Prize Jury will

select a grand prize winner and

a few finalists with distinction in

early 2017

“NCTA is proud to be

selected for this prestigious

honor which recognizes the

college’s statewide mission

with the University of Nebraska

system for an affordable, quality

education,” said Ron Rosati,

NCTA dean. “We educate

skilled career-ready graduates in


NCTA has a strong record

of facilitating student success.

The graduation rate is 46

percent, and the retention rate

is 66 percent, both well above

the state average for two-year

institutions and community

colleges, Rosati said.

Frontier County Receives 11 inches of Snow

Frontier County received up to 11 inches of snow on Monday night, February 1. The snow storm began early on Monday and continued on through Tuesday, February 2. Citizens woke up Tuesday morning with almost a foot of snow. A blizzard warning was in effect for Frontier County early Monday that continued into Tuesday.

The National Weather Service reported that Northwest of Eustis received 11 inches of snow by mid morning on Tuesday.

According to the National Weather Service out of North Platte the last snow fall like this was back in October of 2009 where North Platte saw 13.8 in. on October 10th, 2009 and 12.3 in. on October 30, 2009. “This is very unusual this time of year to see this amount of snow. This is something you will see, maybe every 50-75 years,” stated a representative from the National Weather Service out of North Platte.

1st photo are the streets in Curtis on Tuesday, February 2 and 2nd photo are the Einspahr brothers Kaleb, Lucas and Alex playing in the snow along with their family dog.

Photos by Amber Hickert

Medicine Valley Automotive Now Open for Business

Medicine Valley Automotive located on West 2nd is now open for business. Pictured above are the new owners and family. Pictured l-r: Nick Malec, Johnny Malec, Debbie Malec and Jeremy Heard. - Photo by Amber Hickert

Read more: Medicine Valley Automotive Now Open for Business

Jury Trial set for Obermiller

Gary Obermiller of Valentine, Nebraska has a Jury Trial date set for Monday, April 11th.

This will be the second Jury Trial in Frontier County for the new year of 2016.

According to the Frontier County Courthouse the last Jury Trial that was held in Frontier County was in 2003.

Obermiller is facing charges of alleged third degree sexual assault of a child.

According to the Frontier County Sheriff’s Department the alleged incident had taken place at the Cambridge Lake on the weekend of June 15, 2014. The victim was 12 years old at the time of the incident.

More information will be available at a later time.

Jury Finds Baker Guilty of Child Abuse

Joseph Baker, former resident of Maywood has been found guilty by a twelve person jury, for Child Abuse, a class 3A felony.

A Jury Trial was held in Frontier County on Wednesday, January 13 for an incident that occurred a little over a year ago on December 8, 2014. Joseph Baker was arrested that day for alleged strangulation, a class 4 felony and alleged child abuse intentional/no inj. a class 3A felony.

According to the Frontier County Courthouse, the last jury trial that was held in Frontier County was in 2003.

The selection of the Jury members began at 9:00am on January 13, 2015. The Jury Trial began at 1:00 pm later that afternoon. There were twelve jury members selected from Frontier County including six women and six men.

According to police records, the Frontier County Dispatch received a call from a minor child who reported that he had been ‘choked out’ at the Maywood City Park by Joseph Baker. A Frontier County Deputy arrived at the scene of the incident, where the deputy then began to interview the victim and witness. Both stated that Baker stopped at the Maywood City Park and began yelling at them and then choked the minor child. The Deputy then went to look for Baker. After finding and speaking with Baker he was placed under arrest.

There were a total of six people called to the stand during the trial.

Closing arguments began at 4:40pm. After the closing arguments the jury was dismissed shortly after 5:00 pm to make a decision.

The jury came back to the court room with a decision around 7:00pm, to find the defendant guilty of commit child abuse intentional/no inj. a class 3A felony. The Jury found Baker not guilty of strangulation.

The final sentencing for Baker is scheduled for Friday, April 15. The Judge ordered a presentence investigation.

A presentence investigation is ordered to look more into an individual, including past history, violations, employment and family situations. It will give the judge a better idea of the individuals background and past behavior to achieve some punishment and rehabilitations.

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