Jury Finds Baker Guilty of Child Abuse

Joseph Baker, former resident of Maywood has been found guilty by a twelve person jury, for Child Abuse, a class 3A felony.

A Jury Trial was held in Frontier County on Wednesday, January 13 for an incident that occurred a little over a year ago on December 8, 2014. Joseph Baker was arrested that day for alleged strangulation, a class 4 felony and alleged child abuse intentional/no inj. a class 3A felony.

According to the Frontier County Courthouse, the last jury trial that was held in Frontier County was in 2003.

The selection of the Jury members began at 9:00am on January 13, 2015. The Jury Trial began at 1:00 pm later that afternoon. There were twelve jury members selected from Frontier County including six women and six men.

According to police records, the Frontier County Dispatch received a call from a minor child who reported that he had been ‘choked out’ at the Maywood City Park by Joseph Baker. A Frontier County Deputy arrived at the scene of the incident, where the deputy then began to interview the victim and witness. Both stated that Baker stopped at the Maywood City Park and began yelling at them and then choked the minor child. The Deputy then went to look for Baker. After finding and speaking with Baker he was placed under arrest.

There were a total of six people called to the stand during the trial.

Closing arguments began at 4:40pm. After the closing arguments the jury was dismissed shortly after 5:00 pm to make a decision.

The jury came back to the court room with a decision around 7:00pm, to find the defendant guilty of commit child abuse intentional/no inj. a class 3A felony. The Jury found Baker not guilty of strangulation.

The final sentencing for Baker is scheduled for Friday, April 15. The Judge ordered a presentence investigation.

A presentence investigation is ordered to look more into an individual, including past history, violations, employment and family situations. It will give the judge a better idea of the individuals background and past behavior to achieve some punishment and rehabilitations.

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