Lashley recognized for a lifetime of service and hard work

Norma Lashley is the Entrepreneur of the Year at the National Land Improvement Contractors of America’s convention which took place in Savannah, GA. on February 9, 2013.  Photo by Christina Michele Miller

The Land Improvement Contractors of America awarded Norma Lashley, owner and president of BSB Construction , Inc. of Curtis with the Entrepreneur of the Year award at their annual convention in Savannah, Georgia in February. 

Lashley was honored to receive this award after one month prior being named as president of the Nebraska chapter of the Nebraska Land Improvement Contractors Association.

The recipient of this about always comes as a surprise after one of the officiators tells an anonymous story about the recipient of this prestigious award. Norma listened while sitting in the crowded convention center. She mentioned that she was pretty sure they were talking about her when they started off their story with, ”This person traded a bin of wheat for their first scraper.” the further they went on she knew it was her.

Talking with Norma she does not see herself as doing anything special in her daily routine of life, but as she sat there listening to the long list of accomplishments being read aloud she told me, “I realized in that moment God had really blessed my life.” Norma went on to tell me she dedicated her awards to her husband, Bud, for his dedication and service to this organization she is a part of. When she completed her acceptance speech there were not too many dry eyes in the audience.

Norma Lashley comes from a long line of hard workers and go getters. As a kid Norma did not like hard work, but from her parents examples lived out before her she learned that hard works pays off. Norma said, “You can’t out give God.” This is an encouragement to her to continue doing good and working hard every day of her life. She went on to say, “My life is a testimony of God’s goodness and provision. These awards and honors are to propel me  to keep moving forward to accomplish all God has for me.”

Norma is having a great impact on the business community in Curtis, the state of Nebraska, and all over the country. She operates in a lead by example approach to life.This type of lifestyle has afforded her recently being elected as the first woman president of the Nebraska Land Improvement Contractors.



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