All American Benjamin Wolfe 5th at Nationals

Benjamin Wolfe a 2009 graduate of Medicine Valley high school placed 5th in the NAIA track and field for javelin.  Courtesy Photo

Benjamin Wolfe graduated from Doane College on May 19th, but he didn't have much time to relax. The next day he headed to Marion, Indiana to throw the javelin in the NAIA Track and Field Championships.  This was the 3rd year that he qualified. The 1st year was eye opening to see the quality of athletes that were there. The next year Benjamin was hoping to become an All American by placing in the top 8. He made the finals but fell short by one spot and placed 9th.  It was bittersweet as he was happy to make the finals but disappointed to come in 9th.  This year (his last) Benjamin was hoping to  finish in the top 8. There were 497 javelin throwers in the NAIA  this year.  Around 50 colleges were  represented in Marion,(colleges from all most every state including Canada).  Going into Nationals he was sitting in 8th place with a throw of 193' 8".  Benjamin threw Thursday evening at 6:30.  The weather was less than ideal, with the wind blowing right in the throwers faces at 20-25 mph. It was also cold and raining. All the throws were about ten feet shorter than normal. After the prelims Benjamin was sitting in 5th place. When it was all done, 5th place was where he stayed with  a throw of 188' 5".  There were lots of hugs, tears, and shouts of joy. Benjamin had made ALL AMERICAN!  He said he wouldn't have made it if it wasn't for his head coach Ed Fye.  Rick and Cherri Wolfe (Benjamin's parents) had a long journey as they drove to Indiana but they wouldn't have missed it for the world.  Asking him which was the most exciting thing, graduating from college or becoming an All American, Benjamin said making All American was hard to beat.


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