Rippen of Culbertson Wins the Eustis Demo Derby

Pictured above is Shane Rippen of Culbertson, Shane drove car 93 and won first place in the full size cars.  Courtesy Photo

The Eustis Fair and Corn Show held their annual demoliton derby on Sunday, August 4th. 

The derby was held at the Eustis Fairgrounds. There was a very large attendance as always. 

Four cars were entered in the compact division. In the trucks division there were ten entries and in the full size cars there were sixteen entries.

The 2013 official results are as follows:

Compacts (4 Cars on run and done)

1st- Mike Kendrick 8B of Gothenburg, NE

2nd- Mike Earl E71 Gothenburg, NE

3rd- Shelby Schroeder 87 Elm Creek, NE 

4th- Kris Miller 26 Elm Creek, NE

Trucks (10 trucks)

1st- Pete Marshall 99J Minden, NE

2nd- Chris Veeder 88 Kearney, NE

3rd- Brandon Yeager BB Arapahoe, NE

4th- Landon Keller 10-4 Eustis, NE

5th- Frank Leising 86 Arapahoe, NE

6th- Travis Landreth 60 Wilsonville, NE

Full Size Cars (16 cars)

1st- Shane Rippen 93 Culbertson, NE

2nd- Todd Rippen 53 Culbertson, NE

3rd- Tyic Miller B4 Elm Creek, NE

4th- Dylan Montey 24 Hastings, NE

5th- Hawk Ellis 78 Edison, NE

6th- Jason Williams 3JW Lexington, NE

7th- Schyler McClain MC3 Beaver City, NE

8th- Travis Kuck 10 Bertrand, NE

9th- Jerome Bush 68J North Platte, NE

10th- Tyler Clason 3CS Waverly, NE

11th- Justin Nitsch 69EP Lexington, NE

12th- Nolan Keagley 02X Kearney, NE.


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