Med Valley FCCLA students receive top awards at Nationals

Medicine Valley FCCLA members who competed at Nationals in Nashville are l-r:  Matti Mickelsen, Andie Chapman, Sage Schmidt, Starla Henderson and Grayce Jorgensen.  Courtesy Photo

Nashville, TN. – More than 7,000 nationwide members, advisers, alumni, and guests of Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA), gathered in Nashville, Tennessee, July 7-11 for the 2013 National Leadership Conference. Medicine Valley students: Andie Chapman, Starla Henderson, Grayce Jorgensen, Matti Mickelsen, Sage Schmidt, adviser Suzanne Martin and sponsor Lori Welch were among them. 

This year’s student-originated theme for the annual national meeting was “Discover Your Voice” Throughout the five-day convention, participants examined and discussed several critical issues, including family, school and community violence prevention, physical as well as financial fitness, future career exploration and countless community service projects.

A number of relevant youth issues, such as the changing roles of men and women in the home and workplace, leadership, and obesity prevention were also explored at the meeting through presentations, workshops, and youth sessions.  Medicine Valley students Andie Chapman and Grayce Jorgensen are currently serving at State Peer Officers, Starla Henderson and Sage Schmidt are currently serving as State Officers.  All four members attended many sessions to receive leadership training they plan to bring back to the school and community for the 2013-2014 school year.  

The Medicine Valley FCCLA Members also participated in STAR Events (Students Taking Action with Recognition) at Family, Career and Community Leaders of America’s (FCCLA) 2013 National Leadership Conference. 

Starla Henderson and Grayce Jorgensen received a gold medal in Focus on Children Sr. event.  Matti Mickelsen received a silver medal in the Life Event Planning Sr. event. FCCLA’s STAR Events are based on the belief that every student is a winner. Competition, evaluation, and recognition all stress cooperation as the basis of success. Andie Chapman, Starla Henderson, Grayce Jorgensen, Matti Mickelsen, Suzanne Martin, Sage Schmidt and Lori Welch served as evaluators of the Star Events.

Other meeting highlights included: 

•Over 3,600 students competed in STAR Events (Students Taking Action with Recognition), which are competitive events that build proficiency and achievement in leadership and job-related skills.

•A donation of $85,639.88 was presented to Share Our Strength from National FCCLA to fight childhood hunger. In addition, over $2,000 in school supplies was donated to the LP PENCIL Box

•Spotlight on Projects, where representatives from states share successful national, state, or chapter projects. 



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