Two Board Members Avoid Recall

Two Maywood school board members are no longer the target of recall efforts while two others must still defend their positions.


Maywood school board members Lyle Koester and Sherri Hartley will both avoid the recall effort, started by Tim Wolf, because of legal technicalities pertaining the scheduling of recall elections. Both Koester and Hartley are up for reelection in 2014, and as such must file for reelection by February 15, 2014. State law forbids the holding of a recall election within six months of a filing date. So neither school board member can be recalled at this time because the February 15th filing date is less than six months away.  

But two other school board members, David Dodson and Donita Werkmeister still face a recall effort by Wolf. But this effort has not been without its challenges for Wolf. His original affidavits filed with County Clerk Darla Walther were rejected on technical issues. This forced the restarting of the entire recall process. Wolf has since filed new affidavits, and these have now been sent to Dodson and Werkmeister for their response. The two have 20 days to return their responses to Walther, who will then supply petitions to Wolf. Wolf will then have 30 days to collect 98 signatures on each petition in order to force a recall.

Recall still moving forward against Village board member

The recall effort against Maywood Village board member Colleen Stone is still moving forward. Stone provided County Clerk Darla Walthers with her written response to the recall and now Joe Schmidt, who instigated the recall, has until September 3rd to claim the petitions from the county court house. If Schmidt does not claim the petitions by then the recall effort comes to an end. As of Monday, August 19th, the petitions had not been claimed.

Once the petitions are claimed Schmidt will need to gather 41 number of signatures within 30 days to force the recall.


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