City of Curtis makes new improvements to generators

Upgrades being done on the generators will take most of the pollutants out of admission.  Photo by Tori Willis 

The City of Curtis has recently made some improvements to the generators that are used by the city for emergencies and non-emergencies.

The existing mufflers and the catalytic converters were replaced to be in code with a new law passed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The upgrades will take most of the pollutants out of admission and also silence the generators.

The EPA passed a law that in order to operate engines other than emergencies they must be up to code.

Said City Administrator Doug Schultz, “We really didn’t have much of a choice because the only way we can utilize the generators other than emergencies is to put the catalytic converters on.  It would have cost the city $60,000 a year in income if we had not done this.”

The City of Curtis gets additional income by having a contract with Municipal Energy Agency of Nebraska (MEAN) which allows them to use Curtis’ generators if needed to help with power demand. 

Schultz also added that it will cost the city over $200,000 but should be paid off within three  to four  years.



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