First Nebraska Woman to win State Champion in Auctioneer

Pictures above from left to right Regina Andrijeski State Champion from Curtis, Ne. David Whitaker Reserve Champion from Ames, Iowa, Curtis Wetovick, from Fullerton, Ne. Runner up. And  last one on right is Adam Marshall from Elm Creek, Ne. Rookie of the year.  Courtesy Photo

Regina Andrijeski of Curtis, Nebraska won State Champion in Auctioneer on Monday, September 2nd at State Fair in Grand Island, at Bristle Stage.

The Competition was a live auction where each competitor had to sell 3 items. Regina took top ten and has two interview questions and also had to sell three more items. After selling their items they announced rookie which is 3 years or less experience, 3rd place, and David Whitaker or Ames, Iowa and Regina Andrijeski were tied for 1st place. Being tied the judges looked at their tie breaker sheet and both were still tied. Also to be tied both ways has never happened in the history of the contest before. 

For both being tied, the judges did a coin toss, and Regina won the toss. Regina and Davis both had to sell two more items and be re-judged.

Regina Andrijeski is the very first female in Nebraska history to win the title of State Champion in Auctioneer.

“I really had fun; I got caught up in the nerve of it and had a good time where I didn’t worry about anything.” Said Regina Adrijeski.

Regina started Auctioneering school in September of 2005 and in September of 2007 was her very first contest where she had won rookie of the year. In 2009 she had won 2nd runner up in Kansa City and 2010 she competed in State and received runner up.

Regina will go on and represent Nebraska in July of 2014 at Internationals Auctioneer Champion in Louisville Kentucky at the National Auctioneers Convention.

Regina has competed right against men in most of these competitions, because you don’t see a lot of females in Auctioneering, Nebraska also has the most Champion Livestock in the United States.

“Competing against the men is a challenge that I like to take, and has always been a goal of mine to win State and I wanted to win for the girls, maybe it will encourage more woman to do Auctioneering, also I am super excited to be the first female to represent the State of Nebraska.” Said Regina Andrijeski 



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