Maywood Village hold regular board meeting

The Village of Maywood had their regular board of Trustees meeting, last Wednesday, November 13.

Minutes from last month’s meeting were approved; Chairman Roger Broeker also announced that the meeting was being recorded.

The Board approved the financial statements and claims. 

Public speaking was next on the agenda as patron Jon Covey spoke of his concerns of the American Flags not being put up around the community for Veterans Day. Board Member Colleen Stone responded that it was definitely an oversight and we will have to see to it that it will not happen again.


Marla Wallace of Maywood spoke next of her concerns on the way the board is handling the issues that have been bought to them. The Board had no response to her concerns. Patron Joe Schmidt then spoke next stating several concerns. Schmidt stated to the board that he had done everything correctly on the recall petition, and had asked the board for an apology for being accused of causing unnecessary expenses to the Village and would also like an apology for the other 63 people who had signed the petition. Schmidt also expressed his feelings on being a tax paying citizen, and he believes the truckers more than pull their weight and deserves more than a drop pad for their trucks. Schmidt then went on listing off all of his expenses that he pays locally and told the board members they need to embrace the truck drivers. Schmidt also stated that he feels as if the board is trying to push the truckers out.

Board Member Emily Anders stated that no one is trying to push the truckers out, and is trying to compromise. She also stated for some people the recall expense was unnecessary, but also to some people it is not.

Board Member Jerry Mullen explained of how Schmidt allegedly posted innapropriate  language of a board member on facebook. Mullen then presented a copy of the alleged facebook page. There were no more comments about that issue.

Next was speaker  Keith Carl  to explain to the public and board about the Maywood comprehensive plan from Hanna-Keelan. After hearing all the good things that will come out of the Comprehensive plan, next that spoke for new business was patron Cody Kahler, he explained of him wanting to start a home occupation on gun smithing. Kahler explained of wanting to start out of his home to make sure the business would do well. The board accepted his presentation.

Community hall report and claims were accepted; the dog situation in Maywood was discussed with Sheriff Dan Rupp and the board came to an agreement to send out notices in the mail to remind the public they are allowed three dogs per home.

The board also discussed the roll off dumpster and when they would be back for the public to use. The board then went into a closed discussion on items to protect the reputation of individual/individuals. The board was in closed session until 10pm, once the public had got back in; the meeting was called to an end by Broeker.

The next regular meeting will be held Wednesday, December 11.


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