Local business launches in Eustis

Sharon Larson of Eustis is one of several family members who started Monument Foods. They create wholesome wheat snacks and salad toppings.

Monument Foods, LLC., is a family owned and operated company in the small town of Eustis, making the venture official in January of 2012 by creating wholesome snacks and salad toppings for the whole family to enjoy.

It all began when Sharon Larson’s brother, David started a business a few years ago. The experience led him in October of 2011, to suggest to his siblings (Kathy-Farm wife with extensive knowledge of Nebraska crops and agricultural practices, Carol-office manager with extensive experience organizing products and people, Sonny-is an “always there if you need him” guy who has extensive experience handling all things related to insurance, risk, and covering all the bases, Sharon-professional “multi-tasker” and expert at Public Relations and networking, Laurie- over 25 years of product development experience, and Don-over 30 year experience with equipment development and maintenance) that the seven of them should start their own business together. They met after Christmas to further discuss the opportunity, and the rest is history in the making of their unique product line.

They chose a company that was agricultural based with their family growing up in America’s Heartland of Nebraska. “The seven siblings wanted to offer a healthy grain based snacks to the rest of the world”, Monument Foods, LLC website. Laurie came up with the idea for the healthy wheat snacks with her background in food sciences. Together the group discussed the specifics, and after sharing some childhood experiences of growing up in Trenton came up with the company name “Monument Foods” (named after Massacre Canyon Monument).

Growing up in an environment where honesty, hard work, and doing everything in good taste was demonstrated by their parents, the group decided they would be committed to offering a superior product filled with integrity at every phase of the process.

The products produced by Monument Foods are labeled “Wise Cracks”. The name came from the product being a “wise” or healthy choice, and the dry roasting process creates  a “crack” sounds in the kernels while roasting.

Each member of the family felt they held different talents and desires for the company, which have allowed each participant to work from their strengths. Sharon added, “Everyone has their own degree of involvement in the company.”

They use fresh high quality organic and conventional wheat, spelt and kamut (organic wheat-legend has it that kamut was found in Pharaoh’s tomb in the 1930’s, and brought to the US and is solely grown in Montana)for their products (#1, #2, #3). The products currently processed by Monument Foods are: Sweet Wheat, Crunchy Original Wheat, Crunchy Ancient Spelt, Crunchy Kamut, Sweet Wheat, and Sanity Trail Mix. They start with natural ingredients; use no preservatives, no artificial flavors, or colors. The team making “Wise Cracks” employ a special process to ensure fat and sodium content remains low.

Monument Foods current location is at 104 East Chandler Street in Eustis, NE 69028 (the former building occupied by the Village Pie Maker). 

“Wise Cracks” are currently available at H & J Grocery and Beverage in Eustis. It is also available online at www.monumentfoods.com. 



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