MV Defeats Wolves at Sub District

On Monday, November 2nd

the Medicine Valley Raiders and

the Maywood-Hayes Center

Wolves competed against each

other for the first game of sub

district for both teams.

In the first set the Maywood-

Hayes Center Wolves gained a

lead right away against the Raiders.

The two teams continued

a constant rally between each

other in the first set. The Wolves

began to fall behind towards the

end of the set, as the Raiders

kept the right fundamentals to

win the first set.

Going into a second set,

the Raiders played with great

communication and teamwork.

The Wolves had tried to compete

with the Raiders in the second

set, but couldn’t keep ahead.

The Raiders won the second

set at 25-19.

In the final set the rally began

again with the two teams.

The crowd was on the edge of

their seats as they watched the

two teams battle it out. In the

beginning of the set the Wolves

gained a lead on the Raiders. The

Raiders pulled out the win at the

end, with the final set ending

at 25-22. This game ended the

2015 season for the Maywood-

Hayes Center Wolves.

“We didn’t end our season

the way we wanted to, our record

wasn’t where we would

have liked it to be, but we

were successful in combining

two groups of girls to form one

team. We are proud of them for

that.” Said the Maywood-Hayes

Center coach Julie Cuellar.

“The first game of subdistricts

we played Maywood/

Hayes Center. During the first

set we started off a little sluggish

and fell behind by 4 points

right off the bat. The girls did

a great job of chipping back

though point by point. Korinne

Hansen ended the set for us with

a great serving rally, serving 5

straight points.

The second set the girls used

their momentum from the first

set and did a great job being

scrappy on defense and making

some very good plays offensively.

The girls also served tough,

something we have really been

working on. Skyler Sandoe had

two serving rallies in the second

set that really helped us keep the

momentum going.

The third set found us

down by several points again

but the girls never gave up.

They hustled after every ball,

were communicating and were

finding the open spots on

Maywood/Hayes Center court.

The girls did a great job of staying

aggressive on offense and

even when they had to tip. We

were all tied at 22nd points and

Abbie Ellermeier finished out

the game for us with a 3 point

serving run.

Coach Evans and I were

very pleased with the passing

the entire game which allowed

us to mix the ball up to our hitters

and really get some good

looks on offense. Elle did a

great job of distributing the ball

to our hitters, and blockers got

their hands on a lot of the hits,

which allowed us to make some

defensive plays, Hannah Hosick

ended the game with a team high

19 digs. Maywood/Hayes Center

has some great hitters, which

kept us on our toes, but I am so

happy with the defensive effort

and hustle the girls showed.

Alex Ellemeier led the

way with 8 kills, and Tasha

Ruppert and Hannah Hosick

each had 5.

Elle Martin had 17 assists,

and Skyler Sandoe

led the team in Aces with

3.” said coach Diana Klein.

1 2 3

MHC 17 19 22

MV 25 25 25

MHC Individual Stats:

Allyson Lawson: 4 points 2

kills, 1 dig

Sage Sherman: 3 points, 1

kill, 13 assists, 1 dig

Kasey Clifford: 2 points, 8


Grace Koubek: 3 points, 1


Kelsey Ridlen: 1 dig

Tyler Esslinger: 6 points, 2

kills, 5 digs

Sydney Mullen-Shaw: 6

points, 7 kills, 1 dig

Paige Wood: 4 points, 1 dig

MV Individual Stats:

Kills: Hannah Hosick 5,

Alex Ellermeier 8, Korinne

Hansen 3, Natasha Ruppert

5, Elle Martin 4, Abbie

Ellermeier 2

Aces: Bailey Anderson 2,

Hannah Hosick 1, Korinne

Hansen 1, Elle Martin 2,

Skyler Sandoe 3, Hope Stone


Blocks: Alex Ellermeier 1,

Korinne Hansen 1, Natasha

Ruppert 2

Digging: Bailey Anderson

3, Hannah Hosick 19,

Alex Ellermeier 2, Korinne

Hansen 9, Natasha Ruppert

1, Alle Martin 3, Skyler

Sandoe 9, Abbie Ellermeier

4, Mikayla Niemoth 3, Hope

Stone 1

The Medicine Valley Raiders

then continued there night

on competeing against South


“ This was the third time

we have faced South Loup this

year. They are a very good allaround

team, they serve tough,

and have some great hitters.

The girls came out ready to

play, and we went point for

point with them to start each

set. We played them so much

tougher than we had the first two

times we played them. In the

first set we let them get a few

too many runs and we couldn’t

close the gap. During the second

set, the girls fought back

and came so close, just losing

by 4 points. We missed 6 serves

in this set, and we knew we had

to eliminate our own mistakes.

Once again our blockers did a

great job of getting a touch, and

even some stuff blocks on their

hitters. Alex and Tasha each had

some big blocks that swung the

momentum in our favor several

times throughout the match. In

the third set S Loup came out

and made some big runs and

won the last set 25-11.” Said

coach Diana Klein.

This game ended the 2015

season for the Medicine Valley


1 2 3 .

MV 16 21 11

SL 25 25 25

Individual Stats:

Kills: Hannah Hosick 2,

Alex Ellermeier 1, Korinne

Hansen 2, Natasha Ruppert

4, Elle Martin 4, Abbie

Ellermeier 1, Mikayla

Niemoth 2

Aces: Bailey Anderson 1,

Mikayla Niemoth 2

Blocks: Alex Ellermeier 1,

Natasha Ruppert 1

Digs: Bailey Anderson 4,

Hannah Hosick 12, Korinne

Hansen 5, Elle Martin

6, Skyler Sandoe 3, Alex

Elleremier 2, Mikayla

Niemoth 8

Assists: Korinne Hansen 1,

Elle Martin 8

Although the season ended

sooner than we wanted it to

Coach Evans and I are very

pleased with the improvement

both the JV and Varsity teams

showed this year! Both teams

ended their season with hard

fought matches. The girls

worked really hard all year

coming in each day trying to be

better than the day before, and

pushing each other in practice

and in games. We also want to

thank our two seniors Hannah

Hosick, and Tasha Ruppert

for all of their hard work

and dedication to the Raider

Volleyball Program over the last

4 years.” Said MV Coach Diana


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