Lady Tigers Defeat Walthill on September 19th

Tyler Esslinger goes up for a kill, as team players, Corey Eshleman, Brooke Moore, Marisa Foster, Darbe Dodson and Bailey Brown are there for a return. Photo by Amber Hickert

The Maywood Volleyball team hosted Hitchcock County on Tuesday, September 16th, where the Lady Tigers had lost in four straight sets. In the first set, the Lady Tigers had shown a strive to win as they dove for every stray ball and fought for their points. Hitchcock County had seemed shocked as Maywood had almost gained a lead on them by the end of the first quarter, but it wasn’t enough as at the end Hitchcock pulled out ahead with the first set ending at 30-38. In the second set Maywood had began to slow down, as Hitchcock continued in scoring. The second set score ended at 16-25.

Going into a third set Maywood began to lack determination to win, as Hitchcock  continued to pound the ball towards the Tigers. The Tigers lost the third set at 12-25. In the fourth set Maywood had began to pick up their pace a bit, but it just wasn’t enough as Hitchcock finished taking on the win. The final set of the night ended at 13-25.

“We just can’t seem to put together a complete game. Hitchcock County hustled and got to every ball we tried to put down. We just aren’t messing well at this point. We just need to go back to the basics and see what changes we need to make. I know that these girls want to win.” Said head coach Les Reinke.

May   28    16    12     13

HC    30     25    25     25

Individual stats:

Abby Werkmeister: 15 Kills, 21 digs, 14/15 serving

Brooke Moore: 8 kills, 3 blocks, 17 digs

Marisa Foster: 1 kill, 18 digs, 9/10 serving

Tyler Esslinger: 2 kills, 16 digs, 9/10 serving

Bailey Brown: 1 kill, 17 digs, 9/9 serving

Tori VanDremmelen: 3 assist, 18 digs, 3/3 serving

Darbe Dodson: 10 digs

Corey Eshleman: 2 kills, 14 assists, 9/10 serving

On Friday, September 19th the Maywood Tigers Volleyball team traveled to Walthill, where they had defeated them in three straight sets. In the first set, it began to be a constant rally between Maywood and Walthill, as it was back and forth for points. Maywood kept great determination to win, as they finished the first set at 25-17. Going into the second set Watlhill had began to slow their game up, as Maywood was on fire scoring point’s right after each other. Walthill had begun to seem shocked as Maywood won the second set at 14-25.

Going into the third quarter Maywood  kept up their great work, as they began to score right away. Walthill and Maywood had began a rally again as both teams seemed determined to win. Maywood wasn’t giving up the third set though as they continued to bring home the win. The final set ended at 25-22.

The Maywood Tigers will next compete at the Maywood Invite on Monday, September 22 and travel onto Wauneta/Palisade on the 26th.



Individual Stats:

Abby Werkmeister: 13 kill, 1 solo block, 14 digs, 13/13 serving

Brooke Moore: 4 kills, 2 solo block, 10 digs

Marisa Foster: 10 digs, 6/7 serving

Tyler Esslinger: 3 kills, 11 digs

Corey Eshleman: 5 assists, 6 digs, 10/12 serving, 1 ace

Tori VanDremmelen: 9 assists, 17 digs, 15/18 serving, 3 ace

Hope Stone: 11/11 serving, 1 ace



Lady Knights defeat Medicine Valley

The Eustis-Farnam Lady Knights beat the Lady Raiders in all three games. Shown above is (l)Emilee McCurdy of Eustis-Farnam and Jessica Deterding, center. Grayce Jorgensen (#5) is from Med Valley.  Photo by Mikle Vontz

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